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Our Inventory management solution is designed for small to midsize businesses. It features inventory management modules including reporting and analysis, vendor managed inventory and lot traceability. The sleek, digitized design enables the user to interact with as less difficulty as possible in creating and tracking of day to day inventory movement and as well as inventory management.

Manage heads and groups of items with Brands and UOM of differente categories.
Stock Management
Provide an easy way to manage the stocks and services and handling all the opening and receiving stocks.
Loan Management
Handling the loans of items, returning and receiving for the items to the stakeholders.
Help you to view & print the all the transactions, purchase orders and receiving of the items.
User Management
Get the ability to manage user access. Assign different roles and permissions to different users.
And Many More
Set up your complete store, departments, warehouse and currency with the exchange rate.


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Keep track of every unit.