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An innovative step to remodel the management of the existing networks. This system levels up the game of networking and provides with an effective, brilliantly crafted and network securing features that lead to a healthy communication system reducing the security risks and speeding up the transmission.

PC Grouping
This feature lets you link up different PCs in certain groups, enabling you to apply operations collectively on the formed network.
Customizing Wallpaper
This features automatically changes the wallpaper of all the connected PCs and groups to keep the user interface interactive.
Task Manager Lock
This feature allows the authorities to lock the Task Manager of all the connected PCs to maintain the security of the systems.
Screen Monitoring
This feature allows the authorities to monitor the screens of all the connected PCs & monitor all the activities of users without their knowledge.
USB Logging
This feature lets you track all the activities regarding the USB like plugging and ejection, data copied with an automatic log file.
Remote Shutdown & Restart
Now you can avail the feature of controlling all the connected systems remotely by shutting it down and restarting.
Website Blocking
This feature allows the authorities to block any specific website for all the connected PCs or any group or for a specific person & control everything.
Performance Monitoring
This feature monitors the performance of the CPU & other components and sends alerts to the authorities if the limit is exceeded.
Server Monitoring
This feature monitors the overall process of the server from performance to the database. Send alerts to concern person on server down.



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